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I'm Lucy, a design student at the Graduate School of Design at Harvard; and you are probably here because it's application season.

However, with my last semester of graduate school in play, as well as numerous personal projects and my thesis [ role of empathy in multi-platform human machine interaction ] going on, my documentation is all over the place. If I have applied to a position at your company / studio, please check out the following relevant projects.  

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Palm is a resilience development system designed to help children establish resilience and positivity through connecting them to each other on a collaborative platform.

#children #cognition #development #resilience


Means to a shadow-based sculpture, a collection of three-dimensional objects, that when projected with lights from particular angles create different variations of colorful visual outputs.  

#c# #grasshopper #installation #projection


A platform for treatment resistant depression (TRD) patients improving patient feedback and psychiatrist communication.

#mentalhealth #depression #mdd #trd


Experimental architectural design project that aims to integrate echolocation-based interaction within projected virtual reality system, to formulate a sensual-materiality experience, that could potentially open a new field in architecture and interactive structure.

#vr #space #architecture #responsive


Airports are complex, highly - engineered system, and we hope to employ  disruptive / additive / creative glitch to create a better terminal experience through providing comfort and entertainment for the travelers.

#travel #airport #furniture #modular


An interactive virtual reality playground built using A-Frame (a web three.js framework for building VR experiences), our final project for Introduction to Computation taught by Chris Novello.

#vr #community #representation #abstract


Scintilla (noun. a tiny trace or spark of a specified quality or feeling) is
an ambient window installation focusing on momentary perception. We experience many things in a split second through our various sensory inputs, yet very little is encoded into our memory. The ambient installation focuses on temporarily capturing those moments, and prompts the user to reevaluate their perception of the small matters through turning ephemeral reactions into longevity results.

#time #installation #video #ioart


A program showing cephalopod reflex action's force and form using the YURT painting and image-placement program Cavepainting at Brown University.

#3dpainting #demonstration #sculpting #vr


Transforming the restaurant booking experience through expanding your horizon on cultural ingredients all around the world.

#food #egg #centuryegg #asian #reservation


Loneliness, a social story is a visualization webpage coded using html/css + D3.js that explores loneliness as a communal characteristics shared by the modern day population

#html #css #interface #interaction


If you could taste ambience like wine, as the title suggests.

#translation #web


An artificial intelligence application that acts as the user’s nutrition guide. The app interacts with the user in a responsive, dialogue format to ask and gather from the user their daily food intake and provide recommendations for healthy food that can be ordered via its partner UberEats.

#ai #app #food #machinelearning


An exercise-encouraging game designed for smart phone user. Player controls an avatar in his/her phone, and help he/she to grow, obtain physical abilities and exchange for useful gadget.

#fitness #uiux #game #avatar


An artistic visual interface demonstrating the possibilities for this technology via extracting important information from quantity of existing data and applying machine learning to create a normal-range model, compare a separate individual’s model with it to effectively identify anomalies.

#python #R #brain #visualization #fmri


Intends to identify a flawed system in the creative make & build process, aka the user experience issue with smooth-on molding and casting, and create a visual-experience solution for it in the form of a tablet application.

#casting #arts #uiux #assistant


An experience sketch for students to discover orientation events and craft a visual system to accommodate different types of events: sports, music, visual arts, social groups, and volunteering events.

#experience #design #mockup #student #events


A wearable, immersive experience projected within a custom designed space helmet Tomorrow Lab created and built with global ad agency McCann for the exclusive release event of Darren Aronofsky's new show, One Strange Rock on National Geographic.

#ar #projection #helmet #natgeo


The DoubleBubble bottle tackles the concerns for people not drinking enough water by pairing water bottles and sharing drinking information. When one person is drinking or filling his/her water bottle, both bases react to it by creating a vortex,, a gurgling / pouring  sound, and thus creating  an audio-visual “drinking” effect. In this fun and thoughtful way, each person is reminded to drink the water he or she needs.

#i/o #mutual #interactive #health #water

[ LOOMIA.tech ]

The TILE Tag is a hardware device that can be used for soft good product development. It captures time-logged garment usage data and provide user-permitted feedback to the brand to better improve their branding strategy as well as the wearer's experience.

#tag #mini #iot #wearable #data


A collection of bedroom applicants mounted on one single circular frame unity, aesthetic and space saving purposes.

#fixture #product #home #combination


Panacea serves as a harness for walking, and pulls up and strengthens the knee area and hip muscles of elder dogs, which is where the contacting ligament is degenerating over time and causing instability, pain and immobility.

#vet #pet #recovery #wearable


A special reward for Citi Bike members that volunteer to redistribute bikes across the city, who provide an invaluable service that benefits other users, as well as the environment.

#token #reword #citibike #mobile #rfid


A children's liquid medication dispenser group project focusing on the concept of form ergonomics and transitional object.

#communication #parenting #medicine #child


A special handle design for a pair of general use scissors, specific to the ergonomic needs of a user with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

#medical #ergonomic #industrialdesign


An experimental project on materializing colors through fractal generation through logical and social understandings of them, ith the intention of drawing us closer to our innate understanding of colors.

#colors #fractals #materiality


Material exploration focusing on the innate properties of glass, entailing both traditional and non-traditional techniques with hot and cold glass, including blowing, molding, casting, assembly, metallic oxidation, fusing, duplicating, re- forming, manufacture and performing unusual manipulations of molten glass and other materials with translucent properties.

#rondell #glassworking #stains #chemistry #blowing


Exploring possibilities of new interlocking form and functions for glass in the architecture, engineering and construction industries that that interacts with light, shadow, and the environment in new and interesting ways, through fabricating and experimenting using current digital fabrication technologies and traditional glass working techniques.

#fabrication #glass #material #autodesk


Project exploring the possibility of reclaiming waste from avocado consumptions into a product that reminds people of the full story of avocado plantation and environmental sustainability.

#recycling #sustainable #bio #design


A computed speculative burial mask for architects focusing on surface manipulation, discretization and curve processing, revolving around the concept of Cotard Delusion, which is a rare mental illness in which the affected person holds the delusional belief that they are already dead, do not exist, are putrefying, or have had part of their body distorted, destroyed or taken.

#owl #merge #mesh #art


Project in Metal I, a required course for Industrial Design major students at Rhode Island School of Design, specifically looking at how tectonic-inspired modular conceptual structure can represent or be derived from aspects of the Earth’s tectonic characteristics.

#ar #projection #helmet #natgeo


How to Grow (Almost) Anything [ a.k.a .HGTTA ] is a course to teach experienced bio-enthusiasts and those new to the life sciences alike skills at the cutting edge of bioengineering and synthetic biology based on the Bio Academy, a Synthetic Biology Program directed by George Church, professor of Genetics at Harvard medical school.

#ar #projection #helmet #natgeo


Series of mechanism translating to non-linear kinetic movements, mimicking the motions of a pat of flamingos.

#mechanism #toy #sculpture

A little about me.

I'm a artist / designer / programmer / engineer / researcher / photographer / human. For the past 23 years, I have never stopped looking for new ways to learn and fulfill my constantly growing passion for designing for humanities.

I have never been able to explain my journey clearly in any circumstance, but I have made a timeline, and hopefully it helps :) If you are interested in more about my professional skills experiences, please visit my LinkedIn or my resume. 

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When I'm not busy with school, studio, or job applications, I like wonder around and fill my social media with niche photos taken with my 85mm.