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Hi there,

I'm Lucy.

An interdisciplinary designer / engineer with experience in product design, UI/UX, human-computer interaction and cognition seeking full-time position starting Feb / Mar '20.

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I’m a designer researcher by trade whose interest lies in designing for object-space interactive empathy and data-visualization, but have experience in engineering, cognitive research, bio-design and education. I recently received my Master’s from Harvard, and before that, my Bachelor’s from RISD. Traces of me can be found also at MIT, Brown, Autodesk, Tomorrow Lab, Microsoft Research, etc. If you are interested in more about my professional skills experiences, please visit my LinkedIn or my resume.

My main work revolves around user experience research and interface design across both digital app platforms as well as physical products. I believe that every project requires a unique approach based on their goal and audience, but the passion for each is the same. Below are some of my example experience design works, for others (Industrial design / engineering / etc.) please refer to my full portfolio.


data analytics + research + visualization (d3)

Loneliness, a social story is a visualization webpage coded using html/css + D3.js that explores loneliness as a communal characteristics shared by the modern day population

#html #css #d3 #interaction


research + cognitive development design

Palm is a resilience development system designed to help children establish resilience and positivity through connecting them to each other on a collaborative platform.

#children #cognition #development #resilience


user experience research + user interface design

An exercise-encouraging game designed for smart phone user. Player controls an avatar in his/her phone, and help he/she to grow, obtain physical abilities and exchange for useful gadget.

#fitness #uiux #game #avatar


user experience research + interface design

Online platform that allows people to record their random inspirations and ideas, and "auction" them to others who find the idea meaningful to them.

#platform #uiux #knowledge #sharing


material design + experience + market

The Organic Library is a material science research x product design project focusing on educating children / young adults regarding bio-inspired design and sustainable materials through the form of a science kit.

#biodesign #material #research #education


data analytics + machine learning + visualization

An artistic visual interface demonstrating the possibilities for this technology via extracting important information from quantity of existing data and applying machine learning to create a normal-range model, compare a separate individual’s model with it to effectively identify anomalies.

#python #R #brain #visualization #fmri


iot + user and market research

BOW is a bullying recognition system that uses bluetooth connectivity to identify bullying activity happening within a school community through self-reporting, and provides useful data to school officials as well as student to help provide grounds for assisted intervention and self-help while maintaining the their' anonymity.

#bully #school #education #connectivity #wearable


illustration + user interface design

Folkus is a goal-setting / good habit setting app that focuses on motivating the user to achieve their goal via illustrative story-telling. Once the user have set a goal, the app matches it with an adventure tailored to the setting of their goal to help them stay on track and on time with their ideal process. Driven by the visual motivation and the user's own curiosity, Folkus helps them to achieve their goal in an interactive and engaging way.

#mobile #game #inclusive #goal #task #motivation


user behavior research + interior architecture

Airports are complex, highly - engineered system, and we hope to employ  disruptive / additive / creative glitch to create a better terminal experience through providing comfort and entertainment for the travelers.

#travel #airport #furniture #modular


redesign + uiux

Intends to identify a flawed system in the creative make & build process, aka the user experience issue with smooth-on molding and casting, and create a visual-experience solution for it in the form of a tablet application.

#casting #arts #uiux #assistant


user experience design + user interface design

By incorporating cognitive psychology, meditation and neuro-feedback principles, FocusNow helps users enhance their abilities to focus and study/work efficiently. I was part of this project in 2019, as part of my internship with BrainCo.

#education #app #bci #bmi Ffocus


design sprint project

Transforming the restaurant booking experience through expanding your horizon on cultural ingredients all around the world.

#food #egg #centuryegg #asian #reservation

When I'm not busy with school, studio, or job applications, I like to wonder around and fill my social media with niche photos.taken with my 85mm.