L U C Y   Y I P



Project Future : Evolk ! is a exercise-encouraging game-app designed for smart phone users ranging from 10 to 35 years old. The game background sets in year 3079 on Earth, where an experiment centered around genetically modified new generation human was carried out. Smart phone user / player will control an human-avatar in his / her phone, and help he / she to grow, obtain physical-abilities and exchange for useful, fun gadgets in this futuristic setting. The currency system within the game is referred to as Quantum Energy that are generated and obtained through the exercising. The smart phone would automatically track the user’s physical movements in the background and generate useful feedbacks incorporated with the game’s storyline (e.g. leveling up, real-time goals, personalized achievements, etc.). The goal of this app is to encourage and remind smart phone users to exercise daily and maintain a good level of health through a fun way.

This is a collaborative project between Lucy Yip and Jin Cao.