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MY.FLASH is a sentimental, personal game sketch created using javascript.

The prompt of this project is to create a program in javascript using p5.js or bracket that appropriates and remixes the game mechanics of a small video game made around the 2000s. I had various inspirations, such as Pacman, Super Mario Bros, etc. Rather than creating something humorous, I wanted to explore the possibility of a computational piece that veers into the abstract and the personal, which is hard at the beginning, considering the common associations we have of video games, coding, digital processing, and computation. But nonetheless, I was interested in creating something that is not just an interactive switch, or tool people can play with, but something that has a voice and character of its own, something that creates a reaction within the persons interacting with it...

This is a visual flash representation of the random things wondering around in my head: my life, my dreams, my priorities, my secrets, and my insecurities.

Every action is performed a corresponding thought emerges. I almost certainly am to always over think any situation, and secretly I admire the linear and decisive way a certain kind of man thinks, to my curlicue boundless thoughts.These are the thoughts I am not worried about letting people know by accident but is too afraid to speak out loud.

A camera icon, meant to capture a photo of the player via webcam, every time the character walks above the square. You've been there, you've done that. Then, you mean something to me, even if just temporarily.

More icons appear along the way. Some mean things to me, while others are just road-blocks. After all, not everything in my mind means something important to me.
However, everything is there for a reason.

When I am still, or when I am moving. In the end, it is me.