L U C Y   Y I P



Loomia is a soft circuit system that can be embedded into textiles for heating, lighting, sensing or data-tracking applications. The Loomia Electronic Layer (LEL) integrates seamlessly with your chosen material. The product’s IP is in several areas: flexible apparel-friendly connectors, components, custom battery form factors, and e-patterned materials. This was a project from Tomorrow Lan where I took part as an Industrial Designer.

The core function of the Loomia LEL is to provide a soft, flexible heating layer inside clothing. The LEL carries a special magnetic connector, PCB, and clothing-friendly junction. The PCB can distinguish between what power source is attached and provide the right heat settings, allowing it to be powered by (1) a 5V battery pack attached with the Loomia Adaptor Cable, or (2) the specialized Loomia Battery Pack.


When the application requires more, the Loomia Battery pack provides superior experiences above a standard 5V battery pack. The Battery's high-wattage Lithium Polymer battery allows the LEL to provide higher heat output than a standard 5V battery pack. Wireless Qi Charging make it a breeze to recharge. Helpful design features like a flat form factor, vibration, LED indication, and a single large paddle button let users easily toggle between 3 heat settings while the pack is inside a garment pocket and attached to the LEL.

During the iteration process, we looked at the ways we could design the battery-pack differently -- as a fashion-based technology brand, it needed to have its own edge. We focused our exploration on the metaphor of "rippling", which encompasses both the idea of "impact", "fluidity" and "gentleness".