L U C Y   Y I P



The TILE Tag is a hardware device that can be used for soft good product development. It captures time-logged garment usage data and can distinguish between activities like (1) garment selection from closet (2) heavy movement like sports, and (3) washing in cold or warm water. The TILE tag respects user data by giving case study subjects the option of storing their data in a decentralized data base.

Tomorrow Lab collaborated with Loomia and Fueled to build the physical tag, as well as develop the Android mobile App

The slim device is designed to have a multi-year battery life under normal conditions. Using the Loomia Tile Tag App, users tap the Tile tag to retrieve stored data wirelessly over NFC.

The tile tag’s design allows it to be sewn into the seam of almost any garment or soft good. It is washable, waterproof, and sealed from the elements.

The earlier iterations of the tag was based on a completely fabric design. There were some branding-blending fun as well as shape explorations. We worked with the ways we could create a seal for the RFID tags so it does not get accidentally triggered.