L U C Y   Y I P



Collaborative competition project done by Lucy Yip and Clay Lin under 12 hours.

Imagine  something  gigantic.  Imagine  something  immeasurable.  Imagine  what  can  be  bigger  than the  planet  Earth.  Imagine  things.  Let’s  imagine  the  volume  of what  can  not  be  accounted  for. Imagine structures.  Imagine  the  speed.  Imagine  the  complexity.  Let  us  imagine  the  variability. Imagine  the  variety.  Imagine  a dimension  of  information  so  big  that  wanting  to  account  for  it,  is simply impossible.  Imagine  what  is  going  on  around  us.  Imagine  what  we  can  see  and  not see. Imagine information. Can we imagine the non-visible? Let’s imagine Big Data.

We woke up and for some reason, the media, digital and online disappeared. It simply became non-existent. Is this our future? And in that case what can we do about it? How to solve and rescue the infinite and precious information that made us arrive here? Where are the manuals, the technology and the wisdom? Where is the knowledge being stored? Where can we have access to the backup of our Collective Imaginary? Where did the bigData go?

PROGRAMTheme: backup tower
Objective: We want you to design a building that will function as a backup for the world’s digital information. This building will be occupied by a team of resident engineers that will rotate every 6 months.These engineers are tasked with ensuring the maintenance of the space and its proper functioning. You should use the water as a natural refrigeration system for the big servers. The structure can be built above or underwater.


- Number of people: 5 residents engineers
- Spaces: Reception area; work room; rest rooms; eating area; living room; LARGE SERVER ROOM; heliport; boat dock and other areas that you consider.
- Localization: “Point Nemo”
- Oceanic pole of inaccessibility
- Areas: Not defined;  The panel must have a descriptive text of the proposal (English), concept, idea. Scale
- Appropriate to the submitted elements.